Double slip terminal platforms.

Starts from $17,016.

All of our double slip terminal platforms come with two slips. The boat slip as well as the double or single Jet Ski slip can be built with a variety of options to accommodate different types and sizes of water craft.

Just like our single slip platforms our standard size boat slip is a 10 foot wide and 24 foot long V-shaped slip. This boat slip designed to handle regular ski boats and fishing boats up to 24 feet long including swim platform.

For larger boats we have terminal platform designs with a 26 foot long v-shaped slip. Deck-boats and pontoon-boats can be accommodated by replacing the v-shaped front with a square front, at no additional cost.

Some of the platform designs permit a longer boat slips, where is the deck area in front of the slip is 3 feet wide or wider it can be reduced down to 2 feet. (less than 2 feet is not recommended). In cases of a smaller boat we can convert up to 20 square feet of boat slip area to extra deck area at no extra cost.

Along one side of the boat slip we use a minimum of a 2 feet wide walkway and up to 4 feet wide depending on the model. On the other side activity decks start at 4.5 feet in width and can go up to 20 feet in width.

Double or single jet ski slip is 10 or 6 foot wide depends on the model and a minimum is 10.5 feet long, most of the time we will have a 2 foot wide walkway on one side and activity deck on the other.

Each platform model is offered with several roof options. Roofs can be constructed to cover only the boat and Jet ski slips. This model offers the greatest cost efficiency. Our most popular roof option is an L-shaped design that covers both slips as well as partially covers the activity deck. This option allow for a shaded area in hotter weather if desired as well as area to enjoy the Florida sun year round. We also offer the option roofing the entire terminal platform.

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