Our specialty is brand new DOCK construction, and to be the best at what we do, we no longer offer DECK or SEAWALL construction services, unless you are a lakefront property owner and you want us to build your DOCK as well.

New dock construction.

We can handle everything from start to finish: dock designing and estimating costs, permitting, construction, staining, roofing, electrical, plumbing, boat hoist installation and other needs of the new construction of your boat dock. We are a ONE STOP SHOP, when you choose us, you will never have to hire additional contractors to finish your project.

When you hire Florida Docks & Decks, Inc. you choose QUALITY! We don't subcontract our projects or any part of them to others; all of our docks are built by our in-house-trained workers who are compensated at hourly rates, so no member of our crew is interested in compromising QUALITY over quantity.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you install pilings?

We use marine pile driving method; water jetting method combined with 700-pound drop hammer pile driver. This method is superior to water jetting method alone, and it guaranties best foundation and stability for your boat dock. Please notice, only few companies in Orlando area have pile drivers or barges with cranes capable of lifting 700-pound pile drivers into the air, high enough to be positioned over pilings.

What kind of lumber do you use?

We use best quality lumber avaliable; # 1 grade lumber, which is pressure treated for marine use applications.

Do you use face-screws or hidden fasteners when you install composite decking?

We always recommend to face-screw the decking to the floor joists, because it’s the strongest fastening method when compared to hidden fasteners, but we are ready to use one of the several hidden fastener systems when requested by customer.

Do I have to stain the dock?

No, you don’t have to, because we can stain it for you during construction time.

My actual question was do I really need to stain the Pressure Treated Lumber?

It’s pretty common when assumed that there is no need to stain pressure treated lumber, but we will guarantee you it’s a wrong assumption. The chemicals that are injected into the surface of pressure treated lumber will protect it only from rotting and decaying of its outer shell of the boards, which does extend the life of the wood, but the core of board is still left untreated.

After installation the pressure treated lumber will start to dry, and it will start to shrink, small and large cracks will appear. When it rains a lot in Florida, the water will get into these cracks and the decaying process will eventually begin from inside, working its way out to the surface.

To stop it from happening we recommend weatherproofing the pressure treated lumber with premium stain product after about a week of exposure to weather in summer months and after about 2 weeks in winter months, so It will be dry enough on outside to absorb the stain.

Staining at that particular time will slow down rapid drying process of lumber, by slowing down drying process you will see less cracking appear, which will preserve not just appearance of the wood, but will extend longevity of the dock.

Which roofing contractor do you use?

Almost all dock builders in the Orlando area are using subcontractors to install roofing on their docks. While all General Contractor’s licenses permit pulling their own roofing permits none of them do, they prefer to subcontract others.

At Florida Docks & Decks, Inc. we chose not to use roofing subcontractors for several reasons. Almost all roofers do not like small jobs and charge way too much money to do the small job like a boat dock. Second reason is more frustrating than first one, after they charge you a lot money, they care less about your scheduling, and sometimes you have to wait up to several weeks or even months to get your roofing installed.

To make sure that our dock construction time goes without any interruption we learned the roofing trade, so we can provide the most satisfying construction process to our customers.

Do you handle electrical?

Yes, absolutely, and we handle it very well. With electrical contractors we experienced same issues as with roofing contractors, most of the time you will be the last one on their priority list when you are the dock builder, but we were able to manage this unfortunate situation in the same manner we always do.

To continue to provide best quality and service to our clients, we had no choice but to learn how to run wires ourself. Apparently wiring a dock is not a rocket science and under proper training and supervision, by company’s friend who happened to be licensed electrician, we were able to achieve one more goal : uninterrupted construction of the dock, including pulling electrical permits and passing inspections from the fist time.

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