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Our specialty is a brand new DOCK construction, and to be the best at what we do, we no longer offer DECK or SEAWALL construction services, unless you are lakefront property owner and you want us to build your DOCK as well.

Currently we are fully booked till September 2018 and in order to meet deadlines on time we do not accept any small repair jobs. We can make an exception if you were referred to us by our previous or current customer and you are not shopping for the best price, but for the best QUALITY and SERVICE.

If you are considering building, or you are ready to build a new DOCK, please fill out the form below to verify if we operate in your area.

NOTE: We work DIRECTLY with lakefront homeowners only. We don’t give out free estimates to real estate agents, or any other agents, or to lakefront property shoppers, or to anyone who is not in possession of the property at the time of inquiry.

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