Access Walkways

The access walkway is commonly a significant part of the cost of a dock in Central Florida, with some exceptions. On average 80 to 120 feet of access walkway needed to reach the terminal platform. There are several factors that determine the total cost of construct of the access walkway.

Access walkway means that portion of the dock that starts on the upland backyard and stops at the junction with the terminal platform.

Terminal platform means that portion of a dock beginning at the terminal end of the access walkway. We have a several styles of terminal platforms to choose from, to see them please click DOCKS tab in top of the page or click here: Terminal Platforms.

We offer two styles of access walkways: the Plain Access Walkway and the Classic Access Walkway. The PLAIN style offers cost effectiveness while the CLASSIC style offers a more stylish and ornamented look. Both styles of walkway use the same high quality materials to provide exceptional durability, stability, and life span. The Classic style places post outside of the framing which are extended above the walkway to handrail height, and are capped and decorated.

Just like our terminal platforms we offer both access walkways styles in several price level packages. To find out more about each access walkway style and price per foot please scroll down, or click tabs PLAIN AW and CLASSIC AW links on top of the page.

The positioning of the walkway is a major factor in the cost of construction. Straight walkways can be constructed at lower cost than walkways that require turns. Large changes in elevation can also impact the price. For small elevation changes we can offer inclined walkways at no additional cost. Inclined walkways can be built to follow the contour of the yard when permissible by local building codes. In the case of large elevation changes, a set of stairs may be required, as per Florida building codes. Sets of stairs with 3 or more steps require a handrail, also per Florida building codes.

To find out more about access walkway stairs and handrails please scroll down or click tabs STAIRS AW or HANDRAILS AW.

Handrails add significantly to the cost of building a walkway. We offer a variety of styles of handrail to choose from in cases where they are necessary or preferred. Any walkway that is constructed over land at a height of 30 inches or more above the ground will likely require a handrail to comply with building codes. It is very common the properties have wetland or conservation easement areas protected by the state or county along the shoreline. This often requires that the walkway be constructed a minimum of 3 feet above the ground and therefore requires handrails on both sides. These handrails must meet building codes and simple rope handrails are often not sufficient. Handrails are, however, only required above land, and can be stopped at the point that the walkway meets the normal high water elevation line.

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Plain Access Walkways.

Prices start $ 44 per foot.To learn more about plain access walkways click here: Plain AW ,or click drawing below.

We offer two elegant styles of access walkways: PLAIN Access Walkway and CLASSIC Access Walkway. The PLAIN style offers significant savings over CLASSIC style. The PLAIN access walkway is supported by same high quality posts and framing material that is used in the CLASSIC style. The PLAIN style is a basic flat top walkway while the CLASSIC style extends the post above the walkway to handrail height.

Classic Access Walkways.

Prices start $ 50 per foot.To learn more about plain access walkways click here: Classic AW ,or click drawing below.

The Classic Access Walkway is the more popular choice of lakefront homeowners in Central Florida. Extended posts above the walking surface can be ornamented with decorative boards and post caps. Low-voltage lights can be installed to light the walkway. Several styles of handrails can be installed on classic access walkway.

Access Walkway Handrails.

Prices start $ 8 per foot.To learn more about handrails for access walkways click here: Handrails AW ,or click drawing below.

It is a common belief that handrails are a requirement on all boat docks, which is not the case. They are only required in certain circumstances, and are more often than not are optional.

Access Walkway Stairs.

Prices start $ 88 per foot.To learn more about access walkway stairs click here: Stairs AW ,or click drawing below.

Building a set of stairs is a delicate process that requires experience and knowledge. There are mistakes that are commonly made even among many that call themselves professionals. These mistakes can lead to stairs that are uncomfortable or possibly even dangerous to walk on. To truly build a set of stairs correctly a very strict set of Florida building codes musts be adhered to.

Access Walkway Turns.

Walkway turns are $450 per turn.To learn more about access walkway turns click here: Turns AW ,or click drawing below.

Access walkway turns description goes here.

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