Handrails for Access Walkways

2" Polyester Rope Handrails Start at $8 per foot.

It is a common belief that handrails are a requirement on all boat docks, which is not the case. They are only required in certain circumstances, and are more often than not are optional. A common handrail seen on walkways throughout Central Florida Lakes is the decorative rope rail, this is the relatively inexpensive option that starts at $8 per foot.

Low walkways, which are built less than 30 inches above the ground, do not require handrails. Often we can incline the walkway to follow the elevation of the yard and eliminate the necessity for the handrails. In some case, the elevation is steep enough that inclined walkways cannot be constructed and stairs or raised walkways must be used to comply with codes. Raised walkways as well as any set of stairs that contains more than 3 steps will require the installation of handrails.

Wetlands and conservation easement areas along the shoreline which are protected by state or local conservation efforts generally require that docks be elevated at least 36 inches above ground. Florida building codes require the use of handrails in this case. Handrails built to CODE are required to be 36’ high with openings no bigger than 4 inches.

Please click simple drawing below to see few options of handrails we are offering right now. Swipe between pictures to see table # 4 with current pricing for each style handrails, and pictures of actual walkways with different handrails already built.

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