Access Walkway Stairs.

Starts at $88 per 4 Sq Ft.

Building a set of stairs is a delicate process that requires experience and knowledge. There are mistakes that are commonly made even among many that call themselves professionals. These mistakes can lead to stairs that are uncomfortable or possibly even dangerous to walk on. To truly build a set of stairs correctly a very strict set of Florida building codes musts be adhered to.

The most common mistake is that the first step and/or the last step are not the same height and depth as the rest of the steps on staircase. Small differences may not be immediately noticeable but may potentially cause tripping.

It is important that when a handrail is installed on a set of stairs, that the handrail is the same height above the front edge of each step. This may be a mostly cosmetic problem, but is very often quite noticeable. This mistake will certainly diminish the aesthetic quality of the dock and it is important to use a builder that understands this.

Building steps with a suitable height in each step is essential. Even if all the steps are uniform in height, if that height is not appropriate then the safety and comfort of the stairs may be compromised. Stairs that are too short can feel awkward to walk on and stairs that are too tall can cause tripping or fatigue. This is why staircases are strictly regulated by Florida building codes.

When you will hire us you can be sure that your set of stairs is designed and planned well in advanced. Our designs will always adhere to all applicable building codes, ensuring that handrails are at a uniform height and that all steps are a suitable height and identical. You can be certain that your staircase will provide the highest possible level of comfort and safety.

Due to complexity and skill level required to build a truly proper set of stairs we charge a double per foot rate of matching walkway. The same applies for handrails.

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