Another perfectly crafted dock was built on a Johns Lake in Winter Garden FL, In luxurious Hickory Hammock subdivision.

Built in May 2017

It’s a newly built dock, it’s a combination of our Model #2011L Terminal Platform (PACKAGE: Standard TP/ Tile RF*) and 132 feet of Classic Access Walkway (PACKAGE: Standard AW).

Access walkway was decorated with 2" white poly rope on both sides, tops of the walkway posts were cut in pyramid shape.

6x6 posts were used as foundation for the dock, and all #1 marine grade lumber as framing.

Vaulted ceiling finished with T1-11 pine siding. 6x6 roof posts are decorated with decorative 2x6 boards on top and the bottom.

* Our Standard package comes with wood decking, but it was upgrated standard composite decking.

Solid color stain was used to protect all exposed wood from weathering and extend the lifetime of the dock.

High voltage electrical installation was performed by in-house licensed electrician.

Plumbing with potable water was run to the dock and copper/brass outdoor fixtures was installed at the terminal platform and at the beginning of the walkway.

14 foot long L-shape bench. This bench will last a lifetime.

Pontoon boat and double jet ski hoists and cradles were installed at the time of construction.

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